Thank you all for 2022!

This past year was remarkable for all of us. It was strong, intense, full of challenges, surprises, achievements and learning!

It was the year in which we were able to once again fully appropriate the school space in its maximum potential and the infinite possibilities of living and coexisting in this space. We reopened our doors to the entire community, and invited the families to be closer to the routine of the children and participate in moments of celebration and exhibition of work.

Together, we truly held a festival of learning! This was the case with Carnaval, for example, when through the “Other Carnavals” project, the children were able to learn more about and experience different carnaval festivities that take place here, including samba, frevo, and maracatu. A fun and profound way to appreciate the diversity and richness of our country’s culture.

In our school, we always take advantage of moments of celebration and joy, to learn with meaning.

June was no different! We held, this time in full form and true fashion, be.Living’s traditional June Festival – an event that is historically so important for our community. Inspired by the samba-plot of the Unidos do Viradouro samba school, the theme of the 2022 June Festival was “At our party, no sadness can withstand so much joy!” . After two years of social isolation, we see learning that comes from contrast, such as sadness with joy, and loneliness with togetherness. Besides valuing “being together,” the June Festival celebrated, as always, Brazilian popular culture. Every year our parties pay tribute to an artist or cultural movement. This year, the honoree was Mestra Joana Cavalcanti, the first female Master of a Maracatu de Baque Virado, a true guardian of the Afro-Brazilian culture.

The XXII Art Fair – The Language of Colours mobilized the learning of the little ones in Early Childhood Education over several months, in an enriching process of significant exploration, investigation, reflection, and creativity. Several activities and proposals were developed with all the classes, bringing different perspectives on the same topic: the language of colors! The children realized how colors are present in life and in the world – in smiles, in nature, in the clothes we wear – and how each color or mixture of colors transmits different feelings and emotions, helping to tell stories!

We brought the families into the school space, and in parallel, we transcended the school walls, reconnecting the children with non-formal education places, through pedagogical outings. We went to parks, institutes and museums, and after such a long time, we camped in Acamerê. In addition to being fun to be among friends, going on a trip out into the world allows children to experience and give new meaning to the knowledge acquired at school.

Visiting the exhibition of Sergipe artist Arthur Bispo do Rosário was very remarkable for the Elementary School children and the great inspiration for the IX MAC – Arts and Science Fair at be.Living. With the theme “Languages”, the fair launched a question about the importance of words, especially about the relevance of scientific language in the current planetary context, where we have witnessed many questionings regarding science. We believe that the school should always be the space where the way to produce scientific knowledge is validated and learned. 

It was a year of lots of Art and Science, of procedure and play, of protagonism and affection, of everything that we believe is essential for the formation of critical and socially active citizens, capable of understanding and transforming the world.

The year 2022 was not an easy year, but we understand that adversity moves us to build new and necessary knowledge.

We thank you for all that we have experienced and, above all, for the wonderful company along the way. To the children, families, staff, and the entire be.Living community: thank you very much!

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