Our experience at Inhotim

“What if we gathered our team in a fascinating location like Inhotim where we could plan for 2020?”. Considering be.Living’s 20th anniversary celebrations and anticipating a new cycle ahead, full of opportunities and aspirations, Principal Analívia Lacerda came up with this idea and invited the school management team to spend two amazing days at the world’s largest open-air museum.


“This idea had occurred to me some time ago, of all of us spending a nice time together and immersed in an inspirational atmosphere. Since the school is celebrating its 20th anniversary, I thought that it would be a perfect time to make this dream come true. For two days, we had the chance to engage and discuss a variety of topics in a very special place where art and nature thrive, inspiring us all”. 

Located in the town of Brumadinho, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, the Inhotim Institute features over 500 contemporary works of art, some of which are displayed outdoors, in perfect harmony with an outstanding landscape. Huge piqui trunks lying under the shade of majestic tamboril trees made up the setting for many talks, moments of laughter, sharing of ideas and insights.



It meant a lot to all of us getting together to celebrate and follow up on the be.Living history, while doing something completely unusual, surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, as well as experiencing, connecting and discovering more about art – which is so important in our Education proposition.

“As a team, we were able to feel the art revealing itself to each of us. In that unique and magical place, we were able to expand our perceptions, got emotional, had fun, got amazed, got surprised, and shared sensations and excitement”, said Claudia Mariuzzo, art advisor for be.Living.  

Claudinha explains that art manifests itself in several ways within our everyday realities, and being able to experience it so directly brings us closer to each other, makes us more attentive and sensitive in interpreting the world, while also exciting, fascinating and making us more clear-sighted. “Such diversity of feelings enthuses and influences us not only as spectators, but also as active agents. Living this experience as a team in Inhotim calmed and cheered our hearts. It surely made us an even tighter group and this will long-lastingly reverberate, personally and professionally, in our lives”.



Looking back to when we still were not aware that we would be forced to go trough a period seclusion in our homes, far from nature and places like Inhotim, a feeling of joy overwhelms us for having leveraged such great opportunity of realizing a beautiful inspiration. As for the present, we can only believe the values acquired through this experience, sharply marked inside all of us, will positively and hopefully resonate, through these challenging times, in every child and every family with whom we share such significant learning process. Here’s our “shout-out” for the art, for nature and for dreams come true! Thank you, Inhotim.


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