Productions of the Literary May project

After a whole month of events intended to further engage our community with the work we develop with our children through literature, the Literary May came to an end and we are left with a great the feeling of accomplishment! We understand it was a meaningful time for sharing that provided the families and also the children with significant learning.

“Throughout this special month, the children were able to experience different ways of reading and writing. Receiving book referrals on Instagram, participating in chats, interviewing the creator of a literature webpage are new approaches to unblocking the power that texts, reading and writing are able to yield in a social context, when shared with the community. I see it as a very positive initiative. I understand that be.Living delivers an outstanding service when it comes to developing reading and writing”, says Gabriela Fernandes, our Elementary School coordinator.

Gabi explains that the work carried out at be.Living, based on literature, for the development of the students’ reading and writing skills is supported by the literary genres. And now, as the end of the quarter approaches, the classes will share their literary productions as a result of this entire process conducted within the scope of the Literary May project.

Year 1 worked with book referrals and reviews. On May 25th, they participated in a live stream with Tatiana Pace, creator of “Livre Pra Imaginar” – an Instagram profile that refers children’s books with the purpose of educating young readers into future transformation agents. The children thought of the questions they would ask Tati in advance and engaged in a very meaningful conversation via Zoom, which allowed them to further understand the genre they had been discussing in class within a social realm, through social networks, thus envisioning their social role.

Year 2, on the other hand, worked with fables and popular sayings and are about to reap the fruits of such learning process. The class is writing a book named “Year 2 Fables” that will soon be shared with families, introducing new stories into the community’s imagination.

Year 3 studied fairy tales and, as a result, collectively rewrote two short stories: “Bluebeard” and “Puss in Boots”. In addition to rewriting and reading, the students also drew illustrations to translate, in their own way, the characters, events and feelings of the stories.

Year 4’s project is also in process. It will culminate in a very interesting e-book with tales narrated from the points of view of untraditional characters. A practical and playful way to develop empathy and help the children realize that there is always more than one side to the same story.

Finally, Year 5 produced an online literary magazine named “It happened with Year 5”, in which the class shares a little bit about the knowledge acquired in 2021’s first quarter regarding Literature. Through their own words, the children elaborate on the paths taken in learning the Memoir genre, the texts they read and how their written productions came to life. The students also put together a podcast, in which they discuss how our five senses can be significantly contemplated in a good-quality sensory-literary experience!

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