Lower Elementary

Our routine

The class routine plays a key role in developing organization skills, setting milestones and cues to guide all of our boys and girls. The daily and weekly activities led by our teachers build important paths and allow our students to develop a better sense of time and routine.

Here are some examples of our strategies:

The circle is a great way to help the group share experiences and information, discuss everyday situations, present new discoveries, and share cultural and literary references.

Reading time where students use a text or book chosen by the teacher to analyze, discuss, and unravel different meanings to the same text.

Momento de leitura no qual todos os envolvidos possuem o texto ou livro escolhido pelo professor, que possibilita momentos de análises e discussões, nas quais os alunos construam diferentes significados do mesmo texto.

Working with assemblies in the classroom is important to develop independent and critical thinkers. This effort focuses on learning how to engage in dialog and democratically resolve conflicts.

Everyday problems that must be solved through different approaches, focused on developing teamwork skills.

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