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Educação Infantil

Our routine

Setting up a weekly routine helps our boys and girls develop organizational skills. To help them keep track of time, be.Living follows a series of routines to show them that the transition between activities is never a random event, but rather something that they can predict and, in a way, control.

Here are some of these activities:

Circle Time

Daily circle time where the children practice speaking, listening and expressing themselves. The circle is also a great way to help the group share experiences and information, discuss everyday situations, present new discoveries, and share cultural and literary references.


Daily event where two or more activities are proposed at the same time for the children to work in groups. Proposed activities are based on different fields of knowledge. As the children grow older, they start exercising their freedom of choice and independence, as well as space and time management. Teachers use this opportunity to observe each child individually and assess their progress regarding socialization, encouragement, and posture, among other aspects.

School Corner

Corners are held in different classrooms once a week. During these events, the children can pick their own activities and complete the task along with other boys and girls of different age groups.

Friendly Wednesday

Two school groups meet for three consecutive Wednesdays to complete a series of activities together. This allows students to share knowledge and promotes commitment, cooperation, respect for differences, and group accountability.

Story Time

Daily activity that connects children to the world of books, fostering their disposition towards reading and storytelling, their posture as readers, and contact with different literary genres.

Free Play Time

Daily free play time. The children can pick their own toys and games, learning how to play with others and how to handle frustration, sharing, exchanging experiences, developing their independence and creativity, and learning how to solve eventual conflicts with classmates.