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Difference between adaptation and welcoming

For children, the first day of school can be an overwhelming experience. They’re stepping into unknown territory, completely different than their home environment, with unknown adults and children, as well as a range of possibilities of stimuli, games and interaction. When faced with such massive, new world, many feelings stir up inside them. That is why, here at be.Living, we deeply respect this special moment for the little ones and understand that the first day of school shouldn’t be seen as a process of adaptation, but rather a moment of welcoming. “Adaptation entails that the children must adapt to an external factor – a fixed and immutable element imposed to them. In reality, we believe this is the opposite scenario. Our school structures itself around the newcomer; teachers prepare to welcome each new child, considering that each child has their own process, their own time and their own needs. The external element makes accommodations to welcome the child. So, the idea is not...

Assemblies: a hands-on approach to learn how to be and exist in the world

Assemblies are large gatherings. They are meetings held to address issues that affect everyone. It is the school’s most important tool to build an effectively collective environment. At be-Living, assemblies are a crucial element of the Elementary School learning process. Through them, children actively engage in decisions related to the school’s procedures and spaces. Arguments are presented to discuss different topics, brainstorming and presenting projects and solutions so that everyone can work together towards a common goal. We see the school setting as its own world. Not an ideal world, granted, but rather a world that is permeated by the real world, with everything the outside world brings along with it. Therefore, as we return to the school environment full time, still amidst the pandemic, we must take a close look at health issues, not to promote social distancing, but rather as a way to reconnect to each other, building safer relationships for everyone, under the greater...

Lunch at school

At be. Living, food is part of our pedagogical process. We believe that one of our roles as a school is to help our children develop a conscious and healthy relationship with food. When we think of the school space and all that it has to offer children, we are also considering the “lunch time” – a pleasant moment of sharing, in which children look into each other’s eyes, learn about what they are putting into their bodies and understand that food is a fuel for both the body and soul. Children have the opportunity to experience a variety of foods and flavors during childhood. In this phase, food preferences are formed, and they start developing connections between senses, memories and feelings of pleasure. This first experience with food is very important for human beings and will shape their eating habits throughout their life. As we plan to return to face-to-face classes, we reflected upon how to provide lunch in the pandemic scenario. We decided that we would not deprive children...

be.Living: to be, to be in
to live, to believe.

To teach is to lead each child down their own path of lessons, experiences and different ways of viewing the world. Bilingual education opens the door to a whole new reading dimension through new and challenging scenarios.


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